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Template[edit | edit source]

When expanding the tables:


  • green (#9f9) is not asking at all
  • blue (#9ff) is free form field
  • yellow (#ffb) is "asks, but optional" or has option for "None", "prefer not to state", etc.
  • purple (#f9d) is for mandatory selection which attempts to include other possibilities (such as "other")
  • red (#f99) is mandatory selection, allowing only female or male (or for title, only things such as "Dr.")
  • white background is some other situation (describe)


  • title is for title selection
  • gender is for explicit gender (or "sex") selection

Finance[citation needed][edit | edit source]

Company Title Gender Notes
CIBC (personal banking) Optional: Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Dr Doesn't ask
Bank of Montreal (personal banking) Optional: Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Dr, Don't Specify Doesn't ask
PC Financial (personal banking) Mandatory: Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Dr, None/Other Doesn't ask
TD Canada Trust (personal banking) Mandatory: Dr, Miss, Mr, Mrs, Ms Doesn't ask if you choose Miss, Mr, Mrs, or Ms. But required if you choose Dr. This suggests that gender is determined from title, but this has not been confirmed.[citation needed] Agents at the bank cannot fix this problem. The computer system will not allow the title field to be deleted or left blank. A branch manager gave information about how to elevate the concern to 'head office' and that was done on 2015-07-02. As of letter written July 17, 2005 from TD Vice President (Community Relations) Scott Mullin, "A review across TD was undertaken and unfortunately due to the interdependencies of various technology systems, we are unable to immediately remove your title [...] However, we recognize the importance of the issue you have raised, and will be conducting further investigations to explore possible solutions to this issue. Please be assured that we are taking your concern very seriously."
Royal Bank (personal banking) Mandatory: Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Dr, Rev, Sr Doesn't ask
Tangerine (personal banking) Mandatory: with options such as Dr, Rev, Fr, etc. Doesn't ask
Scotiabank (personal banking) Mandatory: Mr, Ms, Mrs, Miss, Dr Mandatory: Female, Male (may no longer be?)
Vancity (personal banking) Doesn't ask Doesn't ask

Utilities[citation needed][edit | edit source]

Company Title Gender Notes
Toronto Hydro Doesn't ask Doesn't ask
Teksavvy (Internet) Doesn't ask Doesn't ask
Beanfield Metroconnect (Internet) Doesn't ask Doesn't ask

Loyalty Programmes[citation needed][edit | edit source]

Company Title Gender Notes
PC Plus (President's Choice) Doesn't ask Doesn't ask
Vicinity Doesn't ask Doesn't ask division of Rogers
Via Préférence Optional: Miss, Ms, Mrs, Mr, Dr Doesn't ask
Shoppers Optimum Doesn't ask Mandatory: Female, Male programme is known to be extremely gender-centric
Air Miles Optional: Dr, M, Mme, Mlle, Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss Mandatory: Female, Male
Aeroplan Mandatory: many choices like "Rev", "Hon", etc. Mandatory: Male, Female

Insurance[citation needed][edit | edit source]

Company Title Gender Notes
PC Insurance (Home) Has "None/Other" option in dropdown Doesn't ask "Using a nickname for your first name is ok"
State Farm (Home) Doesn't ask Doesn't ask
TD Insurance (Home) Doesn't ask Mandatory: Male, Female also has mandatory field for marital status

Cultural Memberships[citation needed][edit | edit source]

Company Title Gender Notes
Art Gallery of Hamilton Optional: Mr, Ms, Mrs, Miss, Dr, Hon, Prof Doesn't ask
Art Gallery of Ontario Optional: Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Dr, other Doesn't ask
Royal Ontario Museum Mandatory: Mr, Mrs, Mis, Miss, Dr, other Doesn't ask
Ontario Science Centre Doesn't ask Doesn't ask
Science North Doesn't ask Doesn't ask

Misc[citation needed][edit | edit source]

Company Title Gender Notes
PRESTO card registration Doesn't ask Doesn't ask
Bike Share Toronto Doesn't ask Mandatory: Male, Female 2015-07-01: sent email inquiry about removing gender field. On 2015-09-08 received reply from General Manager Scott Hancock saying that upgrades are planned for October (but may be disrupted by other business) and requesting feedback on a new sign-up form.
Toronto Green P (parking) Doesn't ask Doesn't ask
Toronto Public Library Doesn't ask Must sign up in person and they will guess your gender and enter it. They have an "N/A" option on their screen and you can request it.