Seven Graham

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    Seven Graham
    Seven Graham.jpg
    Date of birth April 1969
    Nationality British
    Pronouns they/them
    Gender identity transmasc[1]/nonbinary[2]
    Occupation activist, comedian, counsellor, playwright, filmmaker

    Seven Graham is a British intersex activist, comedian, filmmaker, playwright, and drug addiction counsellor. They were a member of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs and are a co-founder of the Amy Winehouse Foundation. In recognition of their intersex activism, The Independent on Sunday called them an LGBT "national treasure" and ranked them second in its 2015 "Rainbow List" of the most influential LGBT people in the UK.[3] In 2017 they wrote and performed in a solo play called Angels are Intersex, and in 2018 they executive produced the short film Ponyboi, by River Gallo.[4]

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