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Date of birth March 2, 1998
Place of birth Townsend, Delaware
Pronouns they/them (he/him with close friends)
Gender identity Nonbinary man
Occupation E-sports player
Known for Esports Player of the Year at The Game Awards 2018

Dominique "SonicFox" McLean (born March 2, 1998) is a well-known e-sports player who came out in late 2019 as a nonbinary man.[1]

SonicFox prefers singular they pronouns except for close friends: "Also to clarify on my pronouns, I am alright with most of my close friends to use he or they, but I've been specifically letting the FGC [fighting game community] only use they/them. It isn't as normalized in that environment, and am trying to change that in this space! It's been working well!!!"[2]

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