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(I only know a little Polish but here is some that I found online. I may have the declension wrong on some)
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*agender - [[agender]]
*androgynię - [[androgyny]]
*bigender - [[bigender]]
*binder - [[binding|binder]]
*demigender - [[demigender]]
*demi-mężczyzna - demiman, demimale
*dysforią płciową - [[gender dysphoria]]
*genderfluid - [[genderfluid]]
*genderqueer - [[genderqueer]]
*homofobia - homophobia
*neutralny płciowo - [[gender neutral]]
*niebinarne/niebinarność - [[nonbinary]]
*spłaszczak - [[binding|binder]]
*transfobia - [[transphobia]]
*transpłciowy - [[transgender]]
*transuprzedzenie - [[transphobia]]
*trzecia płeć - [[third gender|third gender/third sex]]
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[[Category:Glossaries of gender and sex terminology|Polish]]
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