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{{Infobox person
| picture = Evan Greer - 10-07-2016 by James OKeefe.jpg
| caption = Evan Greer at the Boston Rock Against the TPP Concert in October 2016.
| date_birth =
| place_birth =
| nationality = American
| pronouns = [[Sheshe/her]]/ and [[they/them]]<ref name="Grey">{{Cite web |title=interview: Evan Greer |author= |work=The Grey Estates |date=April 5, 2019 |access-date=May 12, 2020 |url= https://www.thegreyestates.com/blog/interview-evan-greer }}</ref>
| gender = [[genderqueer]]<ref name="Bio" />, [[genderfluid]]<ref name="Greer2017">{{Cite web |title=Trump is bullying transgender kids because he thinks he can get away with it |last=Greer |first=Evan |work=the Guardian |date=23 February 2017 |access-date=12 May 2020 |url= https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/feb/23/donald-trump-transgender-legislation-kids-lgbt-community}}</ref><ref>{{cite tweet|title=I love my life and I love myself. I love being gender fluid and I am happy with my body. I feel incredibly lucky to feel that way.|date=Oct 11, 2017|user=evan_greer|number=918153389858525185}}</ref>, trans femme<ref>{{cite tweet|title=THREAD: as a gender nonconforming trans femme, every day is #NationalComingOutDay for me. Even in queer spaces, I must assert that I exist.|date=Oct 11, 2017|user=evan_greer|number=918151132593184769}}</ref>
| occupation = singer-songwriter, activist
| known_for =
'''Evan Greer''' is a singer-songwriter based in Boston.<ref name="Bio">{{Cite web |title=Evan Greer - Bio |author= |work=evangreer.org |date= |access-date=12 May 2020 |url= https://evangreer.org/bio}}</ref> She is also an activist with the national group "Fight for the Future".
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