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(Created page with "{{stub}} {{Infobox person | picture= | caption= | date_birth= | place_birth= | nationality=American | pronouns= | gender=genderfluid<ref name="wake">{{Cite web |title=26 B...")
| place_birth=
| nationality=American
| pronouns=they/them
| gender=[[genderfluid]]<ref name="wake">{{Cite web |title=26 BATS! Q&A |author= |work=The Wake |date=22 October 2018 |access-date=27 March 2021 |url= https://www.wakemag.org/q-a/2018/10/22/26-bats-qampa}}</ref><ref name="Current">{{Cite web |title=26 BATS! bend genre in The Current studio |last1=Swensson |first1=Andrea |last2=Cowie |first2=Colleen |work=The Current |date=May 2, 2019 |access-date=March 27, 2021 |url= https://www.thecurrent.org/feature/2019/04/25/26-bats-in-the-current-studio}}</ref>
| occupation=musician
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