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* Sal in ''Mask of Shadows'' and ''Ruin of Stars'', by Linsey Miller, is genderfluid.
* Recurring character Puck/Owen Burnett in the 1994-1997 Disney show ''Gargoyles'' was confirmed to be [[genderfluid]] and [[polysexual]] by a 2014 interview with the creative team.<ref name="insider-database">{{Cite web |title=We created the first-ever searchable database of 259 LGBTQ characters in cartoons that bust the myth that kids can't handle inclusion |author= |work=insider.com |date=June 2021 |access-date=5 July 2021 |url= https://www.insider.com/lgbtq-cartoon-characters-kids-database-2021-06?page=explore-database}}</ref>
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