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Making proper reflist
(Creating page with some citations and some of my own checking because I think the topic is interesting and important. Feel free to sort the gender list in a different way if you think it would be better.)
m (Making proper reflist)
: '''Neutral and third genders and sexes:''' gender neutral, [[hermaphrodite]], [[intersex]] person, [[polygender]], two* person, two-spirit person, agender, [[androgyne]], androgynes, [[androgynous]], [[bigender]], [[genderfluid]], gender nonconforming, gender variant, [[genderqueer]], [[intersex]], neither, [[neutrois]], [[non-binary]], other, [[pangender]], [[two-spirit]].
: '''Terms which are not genders:''' asexual, cis, [[cisgender]], trans, trans person, trans* person, gender questioning.
== References ==
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