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Related identities Genderfaun, genderflor and faeflux
Under the umbrella term Genderfluid
Frequency 0.21%

Genderfae also called genderdoe, is a term for a type of gender identity which is fluid between multiple genders, but never male or masculine genders.[1][2] Genderfae was coined by an anonymous submission to the MOGAI-Archive blog in 2014.[3]

It's been said that the term "genderfae" is disrespectful to cultures/religions which revere fae/faeries. An alternative term "genderdoe" was proposed for those who wish to avoid disrespecting these cultures.[4] Another alternative term is "genderthil".[2]

Demographics[edit | edit source]

In the 2019 Worldwide Gender Census, twelve respondents were genderfae.[5] In the 2020 Gender Census, 53 respondents (0.21% of total respondents) were genderfae.[6]

Related identities[edit | edit source]

  • Demifae: "a gender which is partially static and partially fluid (demifluid). The fluid part of the gender is only fluid between identities which are not male, male-aligned, or masculine. The static part of the gender can be any gender of combination of genders."[2]
  • Genderfaer: Fluid between multiple genders, which can include masculine genders but not ever binary male.[2]
  • Genderfaun or Gendermars: Fluid between multiple genders, but never female nor feminine genders.[7]
  • Genderfaunet: Fluid between multiple genders, which can include feminine genders but not ever binary female.[8]
  • Genderflor or Gendervae: Fluid between multiple genders but never male nor female. Genderflor was coined by an anonymous submission to tumblr blog beyond-mogai-pride-flags in March 2018[9], whereas Gendervae was coined in January 2021 by Instagram user runawingism.[10]
  • Genderselkie: Fluid between multiple genders and often xenic genders.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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