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    Related identities Genderflux and Genderfae
    Frequency <0.1%

    Faeflux, doeflux, or thilflux is an identity under the fluidflux umbrella. It is described as being a combination of the labels genderfae and genderflux,[1] though the genderflux part of the identity can be, specifically, girlflux.[2] A faeflux person experiences fluidity between different genders, excluding male or masculine genders, while, additionally, having the intensity of said genders change over time.

    The term seems to have first been coined by Tumblr user danirak-spyderowl under the name faeflux, who posted about it in March of 2020, but had created the term "a couple years" before the post.[3] However, "faeflux" has also been independently coined by Tumblr user vaympire in February of 2021[4] and by Reddit user Sunset--Lover in March of 2021[5]

    As "genderdoe" was proposed as a substitute for the term "genderfae," doeflux started being used as an alternative for faeflux.

    In the 2020 Gender Census, 1 respondent was faeflux,[6] and in the 2021 Gender Census, 2 respondents were.[7]

    Flags[edit | edit source]

    Multiple flags have been proposed for the faeflux/doeflux/thilflux identity. See Category: Faeflux and Doeflux pride flags for more.

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