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Around the world, in most countries, there are political parties. These parties hold many beliefs, and some of them support the rights of nonbinary people. This is important to promoting recognition to nonbinary people, while at the same time, it may be harmful to the party due to hatred of nonbinary people. This makes it important to strengthen some of these parties to ensure the recognition of nonbinary people and their identities.

List[edit | edit source]

This is a list compiled from the websites of different parties.

Blue- High focus (very unlikely)
Green- Middling focus
Red- No focus (not shown here)

Purple- Unknown

There will be some things in the middle.

Name Ideology Country Evidence Focus
Høyre Christian Conservatism Norway "Work to ensure that Norway takes a leading international role in the fight for women's rights and gender equality." This obviously makes a distinction between women's rights and gender equality. It may be my imagination, but why else would they add "and gender equality"?[1] It also mentions "retain[ing] a gender-neutral marriage act" and gender identity. A reasonable focus on LGBTIQ people according to the website, with covert recognition in the English version.
Scottish National Party Social Democracy, Anti-Toryism, Scottish Nationalism United Kingdom... The website mentions supporting nonbinary rights.[2] Unknown
Sosialistisk Venstreparti (Socialist Left Party) Socialism Norway "SV wants to open to a third judicial gender category."[3] (Translated from Norwegian) Unknown

Sources[edit | edit source]