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    Use of this template[edit source]

    This template should be used to include personal quotes related to a page's topic on Nonbinary Wiki. These are the parameters of this template:

    • quote: Text of the quote
    • name: Name of the author. If empty, it defaults to Anonymous.
    • age (optional): age of the author.
    • identity (optional): gender identity of the author.
    • ref (optional): Where did the quote come from? If left blank, it defaults to a 2018 survey. You need to manually use the <ref> ... </ref> tags inside this parameter

    Blank template to copy and paste:

    {{Personal story |quote= |name= |age= |identity= |ref= }}

    1. This quote is a snippet from an answer to the survey conducted in the year 2018. Note for editors: the text of the quote, as well as the name, age and gender identity of its author shouldn't be changed.