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    Teratogender is a nonbinary gender identity centered around monsters, aliens, robots, etc. It is a type of xenogender and was coined by None Unbecoming in 2019.[1]

    "Monster" in context of teratogender can be used as broadly as desired by anyone who identifies with the term. Some examples include : demon, bug, dragon, fae, cyborg, cryptid, werewolf.

    The teratogender flag represented by red, green, pink, white, grey, blue, and brown.
    Teratogender pride flag, by @kleebedowo on Twitter.

    The pride flag for Teratogender was created by kleebedowo in 2021.

    In the 2020 Gender Census, one respondent was teratogender.[2] In the 2021 Gender Census, 2 respondents were teratogender.[3]

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