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    import article from wikipedia

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    Question about respecting Wikipedia's license when importing articles from there.


    How do I respect the licence CC-BY-SA if I want to import article from wikipedia here? Can I had add them first in french? ANd then we traduct it into english? Regards

    MediaWiki default (talkcontribs)


    You can use {{imported page}} at the end of an article to show that it has been imported from a different platform (the template page explains how it works).

    As for the translation, I would recommend you import it to a personal subpage (like User:EnbyWarrior/sandbox), translate it there, and then move it to the main namespace after it's translated to English. The base for of all pages should be in English.

    Let me know if that makes sense!


    It makes sense, moreover it makes sense8! Thanks for the information and the template.