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  • Cons: The tank-top shape means that you have to choose shirts that cover the whole thing and if the tri-top shows through your clothes, it can look sort of like a bra. It can be very difficult and slow to get into and out of a pull-over binder, sort of like how it is when one changes out of a pair of overalls. This binder's texture against your skin is coarse. If this binder gets wet, it will get very difficult to take the binder off, since it's a pull-over, so don't wear it on a day when you expect to get soaked with sweat. If you need to take this binder off in a hurry, like if you're having trouble breathing, the best emergency quick fix is to just roll it down around your waist, hips, or thighs, and leave it there like a belt, instead of trying to take it all the way off.