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The "extreme chest concealer style 988," by Underworks (at the same link as above), is another version of the tri-top described above, with a small change: it's longer, so you can tuck it into your waistband. Some people have trouble with the tri-top rolling up, so they prefer to get the long one and tuck it in so it can't roll up. The tri-top has been re-designed a little bit (with a flared lower edge) so that it's less likely to roll up, though. The tri-top would have to be the more comfortable of the two, because it doesn't constrict around your tummy at all, so you can breathe more freely. Some people save money by buying the tri-top style 983 instead and then sewing some extra fabric onto the end so that it can tuck in as this long 988 binder can. That's cheaper if you've got the sewing skills and supplies.