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  • Right after you take a binder off, make sure you breathe well. Bend over, and give a couple of hard coughs, to see if there's any fluid settled in your lungs that you need to loosen. Take some deep breaths, expanding your ribs as far as they go. Do stretches, head rolls, shoulder rolls, maybe a little yoga. If you know the first few movements of tai chi or qi gong, which are for loosening up your chest and back muscles so that you can breathe more freely, do those. (You do a few breaths where, on the exhale, you curl forward like a pill bug, and on the inhale, arch your back so your chest sticks out. Then curl forward and roll your shoulders a few times.) Touch around your ribs to see if there's any tenderness. If there is, take a break from binding. Coughing fluid up from your lungs is a serious reason to take a break from binding, too. If you have either of those problems, it's time to try out different binders. You should be able to find one that works for you without hurting you.