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  • When you go out in public wearing a binder, bring an emergency plan B with you. Get a kind of very soft bra that doesn't have any metal, plastic, reinforcement, or other hard parts in it. A sleep bra or an "un-bra" would be ideal. Roll up this spare bra in a sandwich bag. Stash it in your backpack, or in the wonderful huge pockets that men's wear has, or in whatever kind of bag or locker you'll have at hand. Then, if you have a problem with your binder, such as finding that it's too painful for you, you have the option to dash into the restroom and change into the bra. This plan B isn't great for passing as male, but it is excellent for making sure you don't pass out because your new binder turned out to be too small. Even if you dislike wearing bras, a bra will still hide and control your breasts better than going entirely without a bra or binder.