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People often use clothing as a way of communicating without words, to tell others what kind of person they are. However, because gender identity is different than gender expression, a person's gender identity may or may not correlate with how they wear their hair or clothes. For example, if someone likes to wear clothes from the women's wear department, or feminine accessories, that doesn't necessarily mean that they identify as a woman. There is no set style or guidelines for nonbinary presentation due to the diversity of identities encompassed within these terms. Clothing links and descriptions may be identity-specific as well as subject to variation by the individual. For example, a person identifying as an androgyne may not necessarily wish to present as androgynous. Some nonbinary people like clothes that don't give any female or male markers (gender-neutral fashion). Other nonbinary people like clothes that mix female and male markers (mixed-gender fashion). Yet other nonbinary people wear clothes that are very similar to either conventional women's wear or conventional men's wear.