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  • Colors and patterns. Neutral colors are gender-neutral: white, black, gray, and brown. Most other colors are fine, as well, but avoid colors that are feminine markers, such as pink, purple, magenta, and pastels. Avoid decorations that could be seen as feminine or masculine markers. As a result, a gender-neutral outfit can end up looking practical, austere, or utilitarian.
  • Tops. "Men's" hoodie sweatshirts. Some sweaters, depending on the cut. Button-down shirts. Tank tops. Leather or denim jackets. Business blazers. T-shirts are cut differently for men's wear and women's wear, but they wear them interchangeably.
  • Bottoms. Jeans. Overalls. Jumpsuits. Shorts aren't gender-neutral, since they're cut much longer in "men's wear."
  • Footwear. Sneakers, in particular Converse Allstar. Some styles of boots.
  • Hair and headwear. Newsboy caps, although this is debatable.
  • Accessories. Gender-neutral neckwear: neckerchiefs, winter scarves, short hemp necklaces. Jewelry: hemp wish bracelets. Gender-neutral bags include briefcases, messenger bags, laptop bags, bum bags, backpacks, and large tote bags.