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I've been thinking. (It's a thing I do. Pretty much all I do, really.) Last night I was lying in bed and thinking about the kind of stuff everyone else thinks about before they fall asleep: my weird sexual and gender identity. At one point I remembered my fondness of the term "demiromantic" and, chuckling, I said to myself that I can any word relate to me if I just stick a "demi-" in front of it. And then I realised that it might actually help me find a word for my gender identity. I've felt for some time that I may have too much of the masculine element in me to call myself agender and feel good about it — so maybe it would be a nice idea to call myself a demiguy. Demidude. Demibloke. Just not demiman, tyvm, because I only accept being called a man when you're talking about my body and not mind, and even then I prefer adjectives like "masculine" or "male" to that dreaded noun. Now, I'm not being entirely serious here, as I'm not going to go around calling myself a demibloke and I don't think I'll ever find a term that fully describes me anyway — and if I do, my identity will probably change just to spite me — but I kind of like those words and feel that they may actually describe me quite well. I'm not sure. But then again, I'm never sure of anything related to myself.