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2020[edit source]

  • In January, American presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren promised that if she is elected, she will have "at least 50% of Cabinet positions filled by women and non binary people."[1][2]
  • In February, it was announced that Nepal's 2021 census would have a third gender option.[3]
  • On February 25, Ro Khanna, a Democratic member of the USA House of Representatives, proposed the Gender Inclusive Passport Act, which would add an "X" option to USA passports.[4]
  • Marvel Comics' series The New Warriors introduced a nonbinary superhero named "Snowflake", and received widespread backlash.[5]
  • In the USA, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed Senate Bill 246 on March 31, allowing for driver's license applicants to mark “male,” “female” or “non-binary” when designating their sex. The bill went into effect July 1.[6]
  • In July, a nonbinary New Yorker sued the state in pursuit of an "X" gender marker on their driver's license. New York currently only allows "M" or "F" gender markers on licenses.[7][8]
  • The 2020 USA Census made headlines for lack of a nonbinary gender option.[9][10]
  • In August 2020, the well-known videogame journalist and internet personality Jim Sterling came out as nonbinary.[11]
  • In the November 3rd elections, Mauree Turner was elected to the Oklahoma state legislature, making them the first out nonbinary person elected to any USA state legislature.[12]
  • In the US state of North Carolina, December 6 was formally recognized by the legislature as Gender Expansive Parents' Day.[13]
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