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Some nonbinary people want to make various kinds of changes to their genitals and reproductive organs. Hormone therapy can make some kinds of changes. For example, masculinizing hormone therapy can make a clitoris more like a penis, and feminizing hormone therapy can make a penis more like a clitoris. Hormone therapy can't make dramatic changes to the size of these organs, can't change where the urethra (pee hole) is located, can't cause or undo the descent of testicles, and can't change a person's ability to get pregnant. Many kinds of surgery to the genitals and reproductive organs is called bottom surgery. For nonbinary people who want their genitals to be more like those of cisgender women or cisgender men, there are surgeries for those. For nonbinary people who have more unique goals for their genitals, there are surgeries for those, such as having both a penis and a vagina, or having a vulva without a vagina, or having no genitals..