Trisha Paytas

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    Trisha Paytas
    Trisha Paytas in 2017
    Date of birth May 8, 1988
    Place of birth Riverside, California, USA
    Nationality American
    Pronouns they/them preferred[1]
    Gender identity nonbinary, genderfluid[1], "no gender"[2]
    Occupation YouTuber, model, singer

    Trisha Kay Paytas (born May 8, 1988) is an American media personality, YouTuber, model, and singer. Born in Riverside, California, they were raised in Illinois before relocating to Los Angeles in their teens. After moving, Paytas became a stripper and began acting on the side, primarily as an extra. They went on to appear in a number of music videos for artists, including Eminem, Amy Winehouse and The All-American Rejects. In 2006, Paytas created blndsundoll4mj, a lifestyle-oriented YouTube vlog channel, and in 2014, they created a companion' channel, TrishasLife, later Trisha Paytas, which featured more personal vlog videos. Following the success of several viral videos, Paytas garnered a significant following on their main channel. As of May 2021, they have accumulated roughly 5 million subscribers and roughly 2.2 billion lifetime views.

    Alongside their online presence, Paytas was a regular on the television shows The Greg Behrendt Show (2006–2007) and Who Wants to Be a Superhero? (2007). In 2017, they appeared on the 20th series of the British reality television show Celebrity Big Brother. Since 2014, Paytas has worked independently as a singer, releasing one cover album, 10 extended plays and 36 singles. In 2019, they embarked on their own headlining tour, The Heartbreak Tour, to promote their music.[3] They have also hosted their own podcast shows, including The Dish with Trish (2015–2016; 2019–2020), Let's Talk About Sex (2017–present), and Frenemies (2020–2021) with Ethan Klein of h3h3Productions.

    Paytas's other endeavors include authoring several self-published books, modeling for lingerie and fetish photoshoots, guest appearances in various films and television shows, and their own perfume, eponymously titled Trish.

    Coming out[edit | edit source]

    Coming out[edit | edit source]

    In March 2021, Trisha announced on Twitter that they are nonbinary[4], stating that they had been "confused of their identity for 20+ years".[5] Previously, Trisha had come out as a transgender man using she/her pronouns, but now uses they/them[4] and she/her[6].

    Trisha is also openly pansexual.[7]

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