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    I have made a new gender off the spectrum and would like to propose it. It is called atrigender, and there is nothing on google. All it means is a fancy combination of trigender and agender. I noticed if abigender could be a thing why not atrigender?

    essentially you can be 3 genders, or you can feel nothing at all. Its under a few umbrella terms, and has a bit of a gender fluid aspect!. somedays you can feel some of your genders and others it could be none.

    its just an umbrella term for those who feel a gender and trigender at once.

    i suggest its day be February 26th. as its creation date is February 26th, 2023!

    Black means no gender, blue for man, pink for woman, and green for other genders!

    Sorry there's not much information, but thank you for viewing my post feel free to add ideas!