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    about me[edit | edit source]

    • I'm Mossy (or Gabriel) and my pronouns are he/him, xe/xem, and it/its; I’ll tolerate they/them but I’d prefer you don’t
    • I'm an enby guy (both fully male and fully aporagender/maverique)
    • I'm omni-angled aroace (though I do also consider myself bi- and I talk about my aroness a lot more)
    • I’m alterhuman (otherkind, fictionkind, otherhearted, and constelic)
    • I have adhd and autism and have had Star Wars as a special interest since I was 3 years old; Star Trek (especially 90s Trek) is a far more recent sp/in of mine. my hyperfixations change too fast to keep going back and updating, but one that’s lasted quite a while/kept returning is MCR’s Danger Days/Killjoys fictional universe
    • I'm really only sporadically active on the wiki/database, but I'm also on the Discord server

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