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Nonbinary 101 for Allies will be a leaflet targeted towards people who want to learn more about what it means to be nonbinary. It will be short, so it will only cover the basics. An artist will be commissioned for illustrations.

Contents (front)[edit source]

  • A nonbinary person is someone who does not exclusively or permanently identify with one of the traditional binary genders.
  • Gender is a social identity that is defined by one's own perception of themselves (gender identity), the way someone expresses themselves (gender expression), and the way they interact with others (gender roles). This is different from sex, which is a set of biological and anatomical charateristics.
  • Gender identity ≠ gender expression. A girl can have an androgynous expression, a nonbinary person can have a feminine one. [example with accompanying picture]
  • Transition is the process some people go through to reach their desired gender role or expression. This is a personal choice, and not all nonbinary people want to go through it.
  • Language is part of social transition. they/them are the most usual neutral pronouns in English, but there are other options (called neopronouns) that are just as valid and should be respected.

Contents (back)[edit source]

  • Most common identities and pronouns (according to Gender Census) [to be decided after the 2020 results come out]
  • Glossary? gender dysphoria, gender binary, misgendering, transgender, cisgender, ...?
  • External resources (localised?). I'll need help with this one!

To do[edit source]

  • Write the actual content: front done!
  • Layout: in process
  • Commission: in process