User:Tacit Rhei

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    "Tacit" is from Latin, "Rhei" is from Greek.

    User Tacit Rhei is neither. They are fine with any pronouns. However, zee requests to be adressed by its 1st name or as Rhei-san, if you must be formal (since Mr. and Mrs. Rhei are relatives of hers).

    Special interests include (but are not limited to): Language(s), Math, Coding, the human mind, and by extension, the nature of sentience itself.

    Tacit enjoys to be helpfull, be it by gnoming, helping out with chores, helping with building stuff, preparing meals...what have you.

    When pressed, Tacit Rhei will describe their experience (not identify as) "solar voidarian", where "solar" refers to how most people will read zim, while "voidarian" descripes the "inner sense" relative to gender (namely: a total lack thereof). He would be okay with the words being reversed (to "void solarian"), given there'd be a "system" to such combinations. Secretely, Tacit wonders if all of the above is just being cis with extra steps. However, the "discovery" of the void led to comfort with "enby".