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Hi, I'm Freyr, but I go by many (usually cupcake related) usernames all over the different wikis I edit. I have some knowledge of how to edit and contribute to MediaWiki based websites. I can help do WikiGnome type tasks, or help out with the maintenance category. I'd love to help start some articles, and continue to edit this wiki from this day onwards! (note: I will be at school on week days with a UTC+11 timezone, so I may be rather busy)

I'm pansexual/queer and transmasculine, and I usually just call myself a non-binary guy, or demiguy if I'm feeling fancy and/or talking to someone who will know what I'm talking about and not question my validity over it! I also identify with the term abrogender, and used to identify only as genderfluid (which I don't so much anymore, but it isn't completely not me either).

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