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About this board

TXJ (talkcontribs)

Welcome to the Nonbinary Wiki! I'm glad you're here to help out. I've just given you the "Autopatrolled" user right, so that

  • Your edits will no longer display as pending review in the recent changes. No change for you, just for people who review changes by other users.
  • You can now mark edits by other users as patrolled. You can do so by accessing the diff page for a specific edit and clicking on the Mark as patrolled button. You don't have to do that, though! It's just a bonus.
  • Any actions that you perform that would normally trigger a CAPTCHA won't trigger it anymore for you.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Genderedgoose (talkcontribs)

hello~ firstly, thank you for welcoming me here! i've found that, from the very few interactions i've had on this wiki, users here are really kind, which is lovely. secondly, thank you so much for giving me that user right! it means a lot to hear that my edits around here have been useful in some way. that all sounds great! appreciate it ^__^ have a nice day/night

Genderedgoose (talkcontribs)

i gotta figure out how to stop replying to my own posts edit: nevermind, it's a bit too late now but i think i got it

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