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This list, in alphabetical order, lists websites and online services in the UK whose status on genderqueer and nonbinary identity acceptance is known. Edits should, where possible, link to evidence.

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Amazon[edit | edit source]

Books and stuff website.

  • Do they allow any gender neutral titles? Yes; any. (Mostly.)
  • Do they allow no title? Yes.
  • Evidence: Screengrab, seen January 2012.
  • Notes: "Names are entered as free text, but Mx isn't recognised in the same way that other titles are recognised. Changing my title to Ms means it starts greeting me as Alice again." Source

Link to homepage.

British Red Cross[edit | edit source]

Voluntary organisation which provides relief to those in crisis

Link to homepage.

Dunnes Stores[edit | edit source]

Dublin-based retail chain that primarily sells food, clothes and household wares.

  • Do they allow any gender neutral titles? Yes; any.
  • Do they allow no title? No.
  • Evidence: Screenshot, April 2014.
  • Notes: I found the implementation of the 'Other Title' a little flakey - would sometimes complain that I hadn't entered a value, and in the Address Book section it wouldn't offer the text box to enter the title in to. I ended up loading up my account on my mobile, and the values seemed to be saved correctly when I returned to the Desktop site.

Link to homepage.

Furniture Recycling Project[edit | edit source]

Charity furniture-selling company.

  • Do they allow any gender neutral titles? Yes; any.
  • Do they allow no title? Unknown.
  • Evidence: Letter, November 2013.

Link to homepage.

Green Metropolis[edit | edit source]

Charity second hand book selling and buying website.

Link to homepage.

Howies[edit | edit source]

Comfy and sports clothing website based in Cardigan, Wales. Lots of organic and ethical stuff.

Link to homepage.

Japan Garden[edit | edit source]

Japanese furniture and decorative stuff.

Link to homepage.[edit | edit source]

Well-known purveyor of electronic goods; currently only online.

  • Do they allow any gender neutral titles? No, they don't offer any titles at all.
  • Do they allow no title? Yes. There is no option for title in signing up or saving addresses.
  • Evidence: Registration page, Addresses page, Details page [Note: the last two only accessible once signed in]

Link to homepage.

Nectar[edit | edit source]

Points reward scheme.

  • Do they allow any gender neutral titles? Yes; any (write in field).
  • Do they allow no title? No.
  • Evidence: Screengrab, January 2013.
  • Notes: Selecting gender is mandatory; only options are male and female.

Link to homepage.

Noddle[edit | edit source]

Credit report service for Callcredit credit reference agency.

  • Do they allow any gender neutral titles? Yes, Mx; not on sign-up but will amend if requested.
  • Do they allow no title? Unknown
  • Evidence: Screenshot, October 2013

Link to homepage

Organic Fresh Food Company[edit | edit source]

Eco-friendly veg etc. delivery company

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Red Spotted Hanky[edit | edit source]

Train timetable and ticket booking site.

Link to homepage.

Scan Computers[edit | edit source]

Computer parts and general hardware

Link to homepage.

Stickman Communications[edit | edit source]

A shop selling fun communication aids for people who struggle to get their needs met.

Link to homepage.

Clothing at Tesco[edit | edit source]

A shop selling clothes, linked to but separate from

Link to homepage.