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    Dive in!
    We've got tons of content and we want to help you find what you're looking for! Mouse over each of the three sections below to start exploring the wiki.


    Over 431 articles

    People who live and represent our identities beyond the binary.


    Nonbinary people
    People of any profession or occupation who identify as nonbinary.


    Genderqueer people
    People of any profession or occupation who identify as genderqueer.

    Noun project 758.svg

    People who dedicate their lives to defending an idea and identify beyond the binary.

    Hula Hoop (7373) - The Noun Project.svg

    People who perform in any kind of context and identify in the nonbinary spectrum.


    Over 138 articles

    The most common nonbinary identities according to the 2019 Gender Census.[1]


    Any gender identity that is not strictly male or female all the time, and so does not fit within the gender binary.


    Identifying as a gender other than the one that was assigned at birth.[2]


    Umbrella term that refers both to non-normative gender identity and gender expression.


    Not have a gender or a gender identity. Sometimes also described as having a neutral identity.


    Gender identity that describes the experience of a gender that changes over time.

    Questioning symbol.png

    Being in the process of exploring or figuring out one's gender identity.

    Genderless symbol.png

    Alternative word for agender.


    Gender identity that generally means being "between" masculinity and femininity.


    Only partially identifying as a girl or woman, and sometimes partially identifying as something else.


    Only partially identifying as a boy or man, and sometimes partially identifying as something else.


    Gender identity that varies in intensity over time (not to be confused with genderfluid).


    Partially identifying with a specific gender, and sometimes as something else simultaneously (includes demigirl, demiboy, deminonbinary, and others).


    Identity that involves two distinct gender identities, either at the same time, or at different times.


    Someone who identifies as being non-gendered and seeks to lose the major physical signifiers that indicate gender to others.

    This is only the tip of the iceberg! You can check out the list of nonbinary identities for more, or just use the search bar at the top right of this page to look up your identity.

    Practical resources

    Over 117 articles

    Advice and tips for nonbinary people, written by the Nonbinary Wiki community.

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    Coming out
    Telling someone else about your identity is exciting, but also scary. Let us give you some tips!

    Noun transgender 118253.png

    A gender expression that mixes masculine and feminine elements to create an ambiguous presentation.

    Noun sleeveless 3093639.png

    A method to flatten the breast tissue. Make sure to follow our tips for an optimal technique and avoid any harm to your body!

    Underwear - The Noun Project.svg

    Method to position the genital area in a specific way so that it looks flatter. Check this page out for some tips!

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    Clothes are an important factor on how people perceive us, and this page has some suggestions to build your own style.

    Refresh (89040) - The Noun Project.svg

    The process by which many trans people go through to reach their desired social role or physicality.

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    Neutral names
    Suggestions to pick a new name and long lists of neutral names, ordered alphabetically, with information about their meanings and origins.

    Noun project 1822.svg

    One of the most relevant parts of language for trans and nonbinary people. Learn all about them here!

    Diversity (40786) - The Noun Project.svg

    Directory of online communities
    Looking for a place to connect with other nonbinary people? Check out the directory for suggestions!

    Surgery - The Noun Project.svg

    Some nonbinary people decide to go through surgery (or surgeries) to reach their desired physicality and reduce dysphoria.

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    Gender dysphoria
    The negative feelings that arise from some aspects of one's gender experience. Learn more about it in this article.

    Unisex - The Noun Project.svg

    Public toilets
    Public toilets often discriminate between men and women, giving nonbinary people a hard choice.

    Make sure to check out the Practical resources index as well as the Practical resources category for more articles!

    There's even more!

    This page only has the basics to get you started on the wiki, but with 940 articles (and counting!), we can't possibly list them all in a single page! Use the search bar at the top right corner of this (and any) page to look up anything you want. If we have an article about your search terms, it will show up!

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    1. "Gender Census 2019 - The Full Report (Worldwide)". Gender Census. Retrieved 2020-08-04.
    2. The reason this is not the most frequent identity is that the Gender Census is open only to people who are not men or women exclusively and all of the time. Transgender is more common than nonbinary, but many trans people are not nonbinary.