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This is the place where discussion between Nonbinary Wiki editors happens. Although this page can be very useful to keep track of important decisions, we also have a Discord server with some of our editors (and readers). You can join us!

Previous discussions are archived in Nonbinary Wiki:General discussion/Archive 1 (2020-04-08).

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Extension installed and enabled! We missed this one with the recent migration. It looks like it doesn't work with the Vector-2022 skin, which is our default one. You can switch to the old Vector skin in your Preferences.

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import article from wikipedia

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Question about respecting Wikipedia's license when importing articles from there.


How do I respect the licence CC-BY-SA if I want to import article from wikipedia here? Can I had add them first in french? ANd then we traduct it into english? Regards

MediaWiki default (talkcontribs)


You can use {{imported page}} at the end of an article to show that it has been imported from a different platform (the template page explains how it works).

As for the translation, I would recommend you import it to a personal subpage (like User:EnbyWarrior/sandbox), translate it there, and then move it to the main namespace after it's translated to English. The base for of all pages should be in English.

Let me know if that makes sense!


It makes sense, moreover it makes sense8! Thanks for the information and the template.

Concern about appropriation in gender-neutral names

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No action has been taken for lack of consensus. (talkcontribs)

Having a bunch of distinctly Asian names on the neutral names pages encourages people of non-Asian heritage to accidentally engage in race cosplay when choosing a name, which is an issue I've seen come up a lot online (non-Asian, non-POC artists trying to pass off as Asian). I believe the same might happen for a lot of other cultures and their names too. I think it might be good to add in a disclaimer about names of different cultures and what to be aware of when choosing them for yourself, especially as someone not of that heritage.

What about noun-names? (Also word-names) sometimes, people use noun-names as a bad thing like this:

p1: my full name is [insert bad joke here]

p2: hello [that insert] … oh, oh no.

To fix this:

P1: my name is [insert bad joke here]

p2: hi! My pronouns are [insert uno reverse pronouns here]

p1: oh, so [uno reverse] is…oh, oh no

p2: what? *smirks*

Test (talkcontribs)

This is a strange topic to have here. What if Asian people are looking at the list? :D

MediaWiki default (talkcontribs)

The article Names already includes a cultural appropriation warning in the section about choosing a name. Closing this thread as it's very old and there hasn't been progress (the related discussion on the Discord server didn't reach a consensus).

Hi I'm bored of transphobia on french wikipedia so I'm here. How can I translate articles from english to french? Regards EnbyWarrior (talk) 17:18, 3 February 2023 (UTC)

Hi thanks you very much!

Unable to upload images?

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Issue has been resolved.

Hi, I want to help by contributing to the wiki, but I'm unable to add images? This is an issue because some flags and symbols are missing and I'm unable to add them (I can only put text and sources). Is there any way to get approved?

MediaWiki default (talkcontribs)

Hi, welcome to the wiki! You should be able to upload images. What happens when you click the upload button? Is there some kind of error? The more detail you give me, the quicker I'll be able to help you!

I just tried uploading a flag, I get the message "Upload error You do not have permission to edit pages in the File namespace."

MediaWiki default (talkcontribs)

I see! Looks like I forgot to make files editable by anyone after a troll raid. You should be able to upload files now!

That makes sense, thank you for letting me contribute!

can you delete unused pride flags?

2A02:A312:C742:AF80:51E9:B749:84A3:C183 (talkcontribs)

can you delete unused pride flags?

MediaWiki default (talkcontribs)

We don't have set criteria for deletion, but "unusued" is difficult to define. So I'm going to say "no" for now. As long as we have permission to use the flag, it can stay.

Can we import this age template?

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Age templates have been created.

Test (talkcontribs)
MediaWiki default (talkcontribs)

I just noticed this topic has gone unnoticed for eight month! Do you (or anyone else) still need this template?

Would be good to have a technical solution for ages, sinec they tend to change once a year (Tilda Swinton's age is currently hand-typed).

MediaWiki default (talkcontribs)

I've imported {{Birth date and age}} as well as {{birth date}}. Later I'll probably do other templates for dead people or for when only the year is known.

Much cherished!

Summary by

deleted the article

Good day! Something I noticed while looking through the list of content pages was an article with, well... no content.

A list of unorthodox names was completely blank, and according to the revision history, it has been for more than 6 months.

Since there isn't any place for "articles for deletion" like there is on Wikipedia, what should be done for articles like these? I've tagged it with a notability warning, but that doesn't quite feel right here. I don't think there are too many like this, so I suppose they could just be deleted on a case-by-case basis if need be.

yeah, this one must have slipped through our notice - generally a topic on the page itself pointing out it's empty is enough for us, it'll bring it to our attention

"In other languages"

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Relationship between the German wiki and us. We're independent projects but we agreed to link to each other.

Hi, I noticed that the sidebar hast that headline and for some articles I get refered there to a German "version" of the article. In fact, that link goes to German Nichtbinär-Wiki ( who seem to operate independently from this one. I gather this is based on where I am, but my question is: Are there any affiliations or did some 'magic' from within the system decide to plot the two in parallel? Thanks, and have a good time, everyones!

MediaWiki default (talkcontribs)

Hi! Admin here. Nichtbinär-Wiki is indeed operated by different people, they even use a different platform. But I got in touch with them a while back and we decided to link the wikis together. Most pages that also exist in the German wiki should be linked, and pages there should link back too (in their last email, they were still working on it). So, to summarise, we are independent projects but because we're related in scope, our common articles are linked.

I hope this answers the question, let me know if you have any other questions!

Thanks a lot, that saves on headaches (and tells me that I maybe should browse more in German webspace.)

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Looking for external resources

Are there any wikis for, say, trans issues that don't fall under the purview of this particular wiki?

MediaWiki default (talkcontribs)

I know there's the Gender Wiki and the LGBT Wiki. I suppose it's clear, but we're not affiliated with each other or related to any way.