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    Sphere (or Gender Sphere) is a website/community started December 11, 1997. An associated mailing list started on June 23rd, 1999.

    « Sphere is a listserv for people who bend even the boundaries of transgenderism. It's a bunch of people who identify as both genders, or no gender, or third-gendered… I’m trying to think if I forgot any possibilities :-) We'll share what it's like to be queerer than queer, discuss how we fit into trans and other communities, fight the good activist fight, and tell cool stories about our genderf*cked experiences.

    We take our name from the idea that gender isn't a dichotomy (where there's either male or female) or a continuum (where there's a rainbow of stuff in between, all in a line and all related to male or female) but a sphere, where male and female are just two of an infinite number of possible points and you can be anywhere on, inside, or outside, the gendered world.


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