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    Agenderfluix Flag.png
    Related identities Agender, Agenderflux, and Agenderfluid
    Frequency <0.1%

    Agenderfluix is a fairly unknown gender where the person feels predominantly agender (aka gender void and gender blank). Except they go fluidly between other genders which fluctuate (partly or completely). For example, someone who is agenderfluix may be agender but but go fluidly between fem and masc one day and agender but go fluidly between demigirl and masc the next. It is a cross between agenderfluid and agenderflux.

    Flag[edit | edit source]

    There are two different known flags: the original and an alternate one. Over time, the alternate one has become more commonly used. On the alternate flag, the pink represents femininity, the blue represents masculinity, the yellow represents androgyne, green represents genderlessness, and white represents fluidity.