Amrou Al-Kadhi

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    Amrou Al-Kadhi
    Nationality British-Iraqi
    Pronouns they/them
    Gender identity nonbinary[1]
    Occupation writer, performer, filmmaker, actor

    Amrou Al-Kadhi is a writer, filmmaker, actor, and performer. At age 20 they created their drag persona, Glamrou, and began doing drag shows at their university.[2][3] They are now a veteran drag artist and founded the drag troupe "Denim".

    Professional acting credits include Venom 2 (Marvel), Carnival Row (Amazon Studios), Christopher Robin (Disney), The Souvenir 2 (Joanna Hogg), Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (BBC Films). They are also a co-presenter of NB, a BBC podcast about non-binary identity.[4]

    Their father is Bashar AlKadhi CEO at Hill and Knowlton Strategies, lives in Dubai and their mother is Ayeser Alkadhi lives in London with Bashar's mother. Amrou have a twin brother Ramy Alkadhi who works at Anghami[5], Abu Dhabi[6].

    Quotes[edit | edit source]

    "I always think – look around…the world is insanely complicated? I mean Jesus…Octopuses can change colour, shape and size at will…our brains make billions of neural decisions every second…but you can't for a second understand that some people's genders don't sit in the binary framework of sex?"[7]

    Books[edit | edit source]

    • UNICORN: The Memoir of a Muslim Drag Queen (Paperback)
    • Life as a Unicorn: A Journey from Shame to Pride, and Everything in Between (Hardback)

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