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This page gives a collection of resources about children who have nonbinary gender identities, or are gender nonconforming.

It is often thought that young children are incapable of understanding transgender and nonbinary identities, but this is untrue. Additionally, "No harm is done on an individual or societal level if a child has the option of exploring their gender identity from early on," even if the child later turns out to be cisgender.[1]

In rare cases, parents choose to raise their child without assigning a gender to them, allowing the child to come to their gender identity on their own as they grow up. These children can be known as "theybies" (mixture of the words "they" and "babies"). The concept of raising "theybies" became popularized in the 2010s, especially after media coverage in 2011 of a Canadian couple and their child named Storm.[2]

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  • Gonzales, Maya. Gender Now Coloring Book: A Learning Adventure for Children and Adults. San Francisco: Reflection Press, 2010. Print.

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