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A rhombus is a botanical symbol for a plant of unknown sex, as well as a standard family tree symbol for a person of unknown gender.

This page is for collecting resources on the topic of family that have to do with nonbinary identity.

Family and relationship words[edit | edit source]

Some nonbinary people don't feel right about being called words that give an idea of being female or male. Many words for family titles and relationships do: mother, brother, husband, girlfriend, and so on. Nonbinary people who prefer to be called by gender-neutral words can ask to be instead called parent, sibling, spouse, datemate, and so on. See the page Gender neutral language - Family and relationship words for a long list. This includes some new words that are not just gender-neutral, but specifically genderqueer, for nonbinary people only.

Family trees[edit | edit source]

A diagram of a person's family is called a genogram or pedigree. These diagrams use a symbols for different kinds of people and relationships. This includes some standard symbols for a person's sex or gender. A square represents a man or boy, and a circle represents a woman or girl. The standard genogram symbol for a person whose gender is unknown is a rhombus or triangle. Some nonbinary people, if they are put into a family tree diagram, may prefer to have themselves represented by a genderless symbol.

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