Du Blonde

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    Du Blonde
    Du Blonde performing in July 2019
    Date of birth 3 January 1990
    Place of birth Newcastle upon Tyne, England
    Nationality English
    Pronouns she/her
    Gender identity nonbinary, predominantly male
    Occupation musician and visual artist

    Beth Jeans Houghton, better known as Du Blonde (born January 3, 1990) is a British musician, illustrator, animator, and tarot reader. In 2019 Du Blonde came out as nonbinary. She uses she/her pronouns.[1]

    Quotes[edit | edit source]

    "I am not a 'woman', 'lady' or 'girl'. I'm trans. I'm non-binary, I identify predominantly as male. The truth of my identity is not up for discussion. [...] I've always known I'm non-binary, I just didn't always have the words to describe it. I always felt uncomfortable with the 'woman' or 'girl' thing, or 'lady', or whatever. I had my ways of saying it, like to my mum when I was a kid; 'I feel like a drag queen in a girl's body' - which is still how I feel."[2]

    "I don't make records for other people I make them because I love doing it. Everyone will always hate something about someone else's work, and they have the right to do so. But when they decide not to listen to my work, I have to live with what I've made. And I've finally made something I totally love. Something I feel represents me as the pit stinking slime boy I am."[3]

    "I'm nonbinary, so I don't identify as female, but being in an industry where I seem female, there's definitely an issue with it being harder for women, because it's a mostly male-dominated industry, and especially if you start out young, and people are like 'I've been doing this thirty years, you need to do this, you can do what you like in four albums' time once you've done what we tell you to get to a certain place', and it's so hard because I just want to make music and art...." [4]

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