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Exclamation mark white icon.svg This page is about a gender identity that is not widely used among gender-variant people. This does not mean that the identity is not valid, but that very few people are known to use this term.
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Related identities Genderfluid and Genderflux
Under the umbrella term Nonbinary
Frequency 0.1%
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Fluidflux is a gender identity under the transgender and nonbinary umbrellas, as well as genderfluid and genderflux. Fluidflux individuals have different identities at different times (or multiple at the same time, in some cases) and, additionally, the intensity of their identity changes over time. This is why the word fluidflux is the combination of both genderfluid and genderflux.[citation needed]

For example, a fluidflux person might one day feel very strongly masculine, and then the next day feel vaguely feminine.

Someone who is fluidflux can have several genders they alternate between, or only two or three. The strength of the genders is also not always the whole way along the spectrum. No two people experience gender the same way and following that everyone who identifies as fluidflux will not have the same perception of their genders, nor the strength of those genders.

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