Z. Zane McNeill

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Z. Zane McNeill
Place of birth Morgantown, West Virginia, USA
Nationality American
Pronouns he/him, they/them ("usually prefer he/him")[1]
Gender identity "genderfluidflux trans guy"[1], genderqueer[2]
Occupation scholar-activist

Z. Zane McNeill is a bisexual[2], nonbinary, neurodiverse, disabled scholar-activist. He is co-editor of Queer and Trans Voices: Achieving Liberation Through Consistent Anti-Oppression[3] and co-founder of Sparks & McNeill, a consulting and editorial service.[4]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

« It was through my vegan politics that I was able to understand myself as a queer nonbinary person and utilize my queerness as a tool to subvert and attempt to dismantle oppressive structures that marginalize people, animals, and the earth.

As I began to recognize the entanglements of speciesism, a concept that humans are inherently superior to animals, with structures of (cis)heteropatriarchy, a system where men are endowed with authority and power over marginalized genders, I realized that social justice movements do not and cannot exist in silos. [...] Compulsory heterosexuality is inherently intertwined with speciesism and speciesism is inherently connected to cisheteropatriarchy. I realized that in order for us to accomplish liberation for women and LGBTQIA+ people, we must also fight for animal liberation.[3]


References[edit | edit source]

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