Geo Neptune

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Geo Neptune
Nationality American (Passamaquoddy Tribe)[1]
Pronouns they/them[1][2]
Gender identity nonbinary, Two-Spirit[2], transfeminine[3]
Occupation artist, educator, drag performer
Known for First out trans person to hold public office in the state of Maine

Geo Soctomah Neptune is an artist, basketmaker, activist, drag performer, and educator in Indian Township, Maine, USA. They made headlines in September 2020 for winning a seat on the township's school board (garnering about half of the votes in the three-candidate race), thus becoming the first out trans person to hold public office in the state of Maine.

Neptune is also active with the Native American/First Nations movement Idle No More.[4]

They previously identified as a gay man, but later in life "it got more complicated", they said in a 2018 interview.[3]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

« Two-Spirit is an intersectional identity that was and is found within Indigenous cultures all across Turtle Island. A lot of people get caught up in trying to separate all of these different things and saying like, well, is it gender identity or is it sexual orientation? Or is it a spiritual role? Or is it gender and societal role? And all of those things are true.[1] »

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References[edit | edit source]

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