Maia Kobabe

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Maia Kobabe
Date of birth 1991[1]
Nationality American (United States of America)
Pronouns e/em/eir[2]
Gender identity Nonbinary
Occupation author and illustrator
Known for Gender Queer: A Memoir

Maia Kobabe is a nonbinary, queer author and illustrator with an MFA in Comics from California College of the Arts. E has been self publishing comics since 2010.[3] Eir work focuses on themes of identity, sexuality, anti-fascism, fairy tales, and homesickness.[4] Maia has created a graphic novel memoir called Gender Queer: A Memoir (which won a Stonewall Honor award in 2020[5]) and short comics that have been published on The Nib.

Kobabe created the following comics:[3]

  • Tom O'Bedlam (2015)
  • The Thief's Tales #1 and #2
  • The Non-Binary Bunny

E has also made short comics for these anthologies:[3]

  • Alphabet (2015)
  • Tabula Idem (2017)
  • Mine! (2018)
  • Gothic Tales of Haunted Love (2018)
  • The Secret Love of Geeks (2018)
  • Faster Than Light Y'all (2018)
  • Advanced Death Saves (2019)
  • How to Wait (2019)
  • Shout Out (2019)
  • Rolled and Told (2019)

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