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Lists of neutral names

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An alphabetical list of neutral names starting with E, continued from the names page, which see for more information. These are neutral-gender names, otherwise known as unisex names. They are equally appropriate for girls, boys, and people of any gender. Nonbinary people don't have to have neutral names, and many notable nonbinary people have names that are usually either masculine or feminine. Neutral names can help make it safer for people to explore their gender expressions. In English-speaking countries, some of the most familiar gender-neutral names starting with E are Emory and Ezra. However, there are many more unisex names from around the world that start with E, more than 90 of them, as listed below. Previous page: neutral names starting with D. Next page: neutral names starting with F.

The list[edit | edit source]

Ea. Irish. Meaning "Fire."[1] Keywords: elements, fire, power

Earth. Puritan. Perhaps refers to Psalm 24:1, "The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains, the world, and those who dwell in it."[2]

Easter. English. From the name of the holiday Easter.[3]

Easton. English. From the surname, from the place name, meaning "East town."[4]

Ebrar. Turkish. From the Arabic masculine name Abrar (أبرار), meaning "Virtuous."[5][6] Keywords: two syllables, virtue

Echo. Greek. Meaning "Reverberating sound," from the name of a Greek nymph. More often feminine.[7] Keywords: arts, music, mythology, two syllables

Ecne. Old Irish. Meaning "Wisdom". Name originated from Celtic god of wisdom. Keywords: mythology, rare, unusual [1]

Eddie Izzard at a Labour Party rally in 2015.

Ed. English and Dutch. Short form of many names containing Ed, including masculine names Edgar (English, French, Portuguese, and German, meaning "wealth" and "spear") and Edward (English and Polish, "rich guard"), and feminine names such as Edwina (English, meaning "rich friend"). More often masculine.[8][9][10][11] Variants: Eddi, Eddie, Eddy. Keywords: masculine inclined, one syllable, two syllables. Notable people with this name include English comedian Eddie Izzard (b. 1962), who goes by "he" or "she," depending on presentation.[12]

Edel. German. Meaning "Noble."[13]

Eden (עֵדֶן). Hebrew. Meaning "delight" or "place of pleasure." A place in the book of Genesis.[3] Keywords: Biblical, places, two syllables

Eder 1. עֵדֶר. Hebrew. Meaning "Herd, flock." A Biblical name. Unisex. 2. Basque. Meaning "Gorgeous." Also unisex.[3] Keywords: animals, beauty, Biblical, two syllables

Edge. English, modern. Meaning "Border, end of a surface."[14] Keywords: liminal spaces, modern, one syllable

Eef. Dutch. Short form of names starting with Ev.[15] Keywords: one syllable

Efa, Efah, or Eifa (עֵיפָה). Hebrew. Meaning "Darkness" or "gloomy."[3] Keywords: inauspicious, two syllables

Efe. Western African, Urhobo. Short form of names starting with Efe (meaning "wealth").[16]

Efemena. Western African, Urhobo. Meaning "Here is my wealth."[17]

Egypt. English, modern. From the Greek name of the country in Africa.[18] Keywords: antiquity, places, two syllables

Ehsan (احسان). Persian. Meaning "Compassion."[3] Keywords: personality, two syllables, virtue

Eike. German. Short form of names starting with Ag (meaning "edge").[19]

Eilian, or Elian. Welsh. Meaning "Second, a moment in time." A saint name.[3] Keywords: Christian, saints, time

Eire. Irish. Meaning "Ireland."[20] Keywords: places

Eirian. Welsh. Meaning "Bright, beautiful."[21]

Eisa. Arabic. An Arabic form of the name Jesus, meaning "God is salvation."[22] Keywords: Christian, religious, two syllables

Eiv. Gender neutral form of the hebrew name Eve, meaning "life" or "to breathe".

Ejiro. Western African, Urhobo. Short form of names starting with Ejiro (meaning "praise").[23]

Ejiroghene. Western African, Urhobo. Meaning "Praise God."[24]

Eka (एक ). Indonesian. Meaning "One, first."[25] Variant: Eko. Keywords: two syllables

Ekene. African, Igbo. Meaning "Praise."[3]

Ekenedilichukwu. African, Igbo. Meaning "All praise to God."[3]

Ekin. Turkish. Meaning "Harvest, culture."[26]

Eko. Indonesian and Javanese. Meaning "One, first."[27] Keywords: two syllables

Ekundayo. African, Yoruba. Meaning "Sorrow becomes joy."[3] Keywords: emotions, joy

Elam. Arabic. From the place name in what is now the country of Iran, meaning "Highland."[28] Keywords: places, two syllables

Elan. Hebrew. Meaning "Tree."[29] Keywords: nature, plants, two syllables

Eleuia. Native American, Nahuatl. Meaning "Wish."[3]

Eli. Short form of many names starting with Eli. Keywords: two syllables. Genderqueer writer and activist Eli Clare bears this name.

Elian. Dutch. Pet form of names starting with Eli.[30]

Elicot, Elisot, or Elisotae. English. During the 1300s in England, these were neutral names. They were pet forms of the masculine name Elias.[31] Elias comes from Elijah.[32] Elijah, originally 'Eliyyahu (אֱלִיָּהוּ), is a masculine Biblical Hebrew name, meaning "My God is Yahweh."[33] Keywords: Christian, four syllables, medieval, three syllables.

Elie. French. Short form of many names starting with El (such as the feminine name Eleanor) or Eli (such as the masculine name Elijah).[34] Keywords: two syllables

Elim. Old Irish. Meaning "Great". Variants: Elin or Aelim. Keywords: Irish mythology, rare, unusual [2]

Elisha. Hebrew. Meaning "God is my salvation."[35] Keywords: three syllables

Eliya. Hebrew. Meaning "God is my Lord."[36] Keywords: three syllables

Ella. English. Feminine pet form of the English feminine name Eleanor (meaning "foreign"), or masculine Middle English form of Anglo-Saxon name Ælla (meaning "all, universal").[3] Keywords: two syllables

Ellery. English. Variant of neutral name Hillary, meaning "Joyful."[3] Keywords: emotions, joy, three syllables

Ellington. English. From the surname, from the place name, meaning "Elf town" or "Old town."[37][38] Keywords: magic, mythology, places, three syllables

Eliot Sumner performing in 2016

Elliot. English. From the given name Elijah, from the Biblical Hebrew given name 'Eliyyahu (אֱלִיָּהוּ), meaning "My God is Jehovah."[39][40] Variants: Eliot, Elliott. Keywords: Christian, religious, three syllables. Notable people with this name include the English musician Eliot Sumner (b. 1990), who when asked about their gender, replied that they simply identify as a musician.[41] Elliot Page, a famous nonbinary actor, also uses this name.

Ellis. English. From the given name Elijah, from the Biblical Hebrew given name 'Eliyyahu (אֱלִיָּהוּ), meaning "My God is Jehovah." The variants Ellis or Elis were names of some Christian saints, and so were popular names in the Middle Ages.[42][43] Keywords: Christian, religious, two syllables Sometimes also may reference a diety/sigil used in chaos magic(k)

Elon. Hebrew. Meaning "Oak tree."[44] Keywords: two syllables

Elvan. Turkish. Meaning "Colours."[45] Keywords: two syllables

Elwyn. English. From the surname, meaning "Elf friend."[46] Keywords: elves, magic, mythology, two syllables

Elya. Slavic. Meaning "The Lord is my God."[47] Keywords: religious, two syllables

Ember. English. Meaning "Spark, a low-burning fire."[48] Keywords: elements, fire, two syllables

Embry. English. From the surname, meaning "Work rule."[49] Keywords: occupation, two syllables

Emem. Western African, Ibibio. Meaning "Peace."[50] Keywords: peace, two syllables

Emerson. English. From the surname, meaning "Son of Emery;" the English gender-neutral given name Emery came via the Normans from the German masculine name Emmerich, possibly meaning "Universal ruler," "Work ruler," or "Home ruler."[51][52][53] Variant: Emmerson. Keywords: royalty, three syllables

Emery. English. From the German masculine name Emmerich, possibly meaning "Universal ruler," "Work ruler," or "Home ruler."[54][55] Variant: Emory.[56] Keywords: royalty, three syllables

Emlen. Latin. Meaning "Charming."[57]

Emlyn. Welsh. Neutral form of German name Emmeline, meaning "Work."[3]

Emsley. English. From the surname, from the place name, meaning "The elm wood."[58] Keywords: nature, places, plants

Emrys. English/Scottish. Meaning "immortal".

Enfys. Welsh. Meaning "Rainbow."[3] Keywords: arts, colours, joy, nature, sky

Eniola. African, Yoruba. Meaning "Wealthy."[3] Keywords: luck, prosperity

Enitan. Western African, Yoruba. Meaning "Person with a story."[59]

Enjolras. Spanish. From the surname, meaning "To terrify." Popularized by the character in Les Miserables.[60] Keywords: emotions, inauspicious, literary, three syllables, warrior

Ennis. Irish. From the place name, meaning "Island." Variant: Innis.[3] Keywords: places, two syllables

Enu. African, Akan. Meaning "Fifth born."[3] Keywords: family, numbers, two syllables

Ephah or Eyphah (עֵיפָה). Hebrew. Meaning "Darkness" or "gloomy." The Bible uses this name for figures including a son of Midian and a concubine of Caleb.[3] Keywords: Biblical, inauspicious, two syllables

Eridian. Greek. Meaning "Of Eris, the goddess of chaos."[61] Keywords: four syllables, mythology

Erlea. Basque. Meaning "Bee."[3] Keywords: animals, insects, nature

Erling. Scandinavian. Meaning "Descendant of the jarl." Jarl is an Old Norse word for an earl.[62][63] Keywords: two syllables

Errigal. Irish. From the name of a mountain in Ireland.[64] Places: mountains, nature, places

Erryn. English, modern. A modern spelling variant of the names Aaron (masculine, Biblical Hebrew, possibly meaning "Exalted") and Erin (feminine, Irish, meaning "Ireland"), all three of which are pronounced the same.[65][66][67] Keywords: modern, neutral inclined, two syllables

Esadowa. Native American, Wichita tribe. Meaning "Many wolves."[68] Keywords: animals, nature, numbers, wolves

Esarosa. Native American, Comanche tribe. Meaning "White wolf."[69] Keywords: animals, colours, nature, wolves

Esen. Turkish. Meaning "The wind."[70]

Eseoghene. Western African, Urhobo. Meaning "God's gift."[71]

Eser. Turkish. Meaning "Achievement."[3] Keywords: luck, power

Esmé. French. From Old French, meaning "Esteemed, loved." Originally a masculine name, now more popular as a feminine name.[3][72] Variant: Esme (British English).[73] Keywords: affection, family, two syllables

Essa. 1. English. Pet form of Persian Esther. Meaning "Star." Feminine. 2. Arabic. Variant of Isa. Meaning "God is salvation." Masculine.[3] Keywords: religious, sky, stars, two syllables

Essery. English. From the surname, meaning "Cart maker."[74] Keywords: occupation, three syllables, vehicles

Eston. English. From the place name, meaning "East town."[75] Keywords: places, two syllables

Etalpalli. Nahuatl. Meaning "Wing."[3]

Ethelred. English. Meaning "Noble counsel." Variants: Æthelred.[76] Keywords: royalty, three syllables

Etienne (pronounced ey-TYEN). French. From the name Stephen, meaning "Crown." In French-speaking areas, this is a masculine name, but in English-speaking areas, it's beginning to be used for girls as well.[77] In the USA, 93% of people with this name are boys.[78] Keywords: masculine inclined, royalty, two syllables

Eun-Jung or Eun-Jeong (은정). Korean. [79][80]

Eurus. Greek. Meaning "The east wind." Traditionally masculine, coming to be used for girls as well.[81] Keywords: air, elements, nature, two syllables

Ev. Various. Short for many names starting with "ev."

Evan Greer at the Boston Rock Against the TPP Concert in October 2016.

Evan. Welsh. Meaning "God is good."[82] Keywords: two syllables, religious. Notable people with this name include genderfluid American musician and activist Evan Greer.

Evans. English. From the surname, meaning "Son of Evan," Evan meaning "God is good."[83] Keywords: two syllables

Evelyn. English and German. From the English surname Evelyn, from the Norman French given name. Meaning "Little Eve." In the 17th century, a masculine name; now more commonly a feminine name.[3][84]

Ever. English, modern. Meaning "Always."[85] Keywords: modern, time, two syllables

Everest. English. From the English surname Everest, from the French name Devereaux, from the Celtic name Eburovices, from the place name "The Ebura River." Westerners named Mount Everest after the Welsh geographer George Everest.[86] Keywords: earth, mountains, nature, places, rivers, water

Everix. English. From the English surname Everix, which like the English surname Everest came from the French name Devereaux, from the Celtic name Eburovices, from the place name "The Ebura River."[87] Keywords: nature, places, rivers, water

Everly. English. Meaning "From the boar meadow." Variants: Everlee, Everleigh, and Everley.[88] Keywords: animals, nature, places, three syllables

Evert. English. From the surname, meaning "Wild boar herd."[89] Keywords: animals, nature, two syllables

Evren. Turkish. Meaning "Cosmos, the universe." Evren is the name of a dragon in Turkic mythology.[90] Keywords: mythology, two syllables

Evrim. Turkish. Meaning "Evolution."[91]

Exodus. Greek. Meaning "Exit of a large group of people," and the name of a book of the Bible.[92] Keywords: Biblical, three syllables

Ezhil (எழில்). Tamil. Meaning "Beauty."[93] Keywords: appearance, beauty

Ezra. Hebrew. Meaning "Help."[94] Keywords: two syllables. Notable people with this name include American musician Ezra Furman (b. 1986), who goes by he/she,[95] and American actor Ezra Miller (b. 1992) who goes by they/them.[96]

Eztli. Nahuatl. Meaning "Blood."[3]

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