Oslo Grace

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Oslo Grace
Place of birth California[1]
Nationality American
Pronouns they/them[2]
Gender identity transgender nonbinary[3]
Occupation model

Oslo Grace is an nonbinary model who models both men's and women's wear.[4][5]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"I have gender dysphoria which means I experience a disconnect between my body and mind based on my sex assigned at birth. My body, mind, and the behavioral expectations put on me as a female child do not align with each other. I consider myself a true mix of a boy and a girl."[3]

"I don't feel a duty to talk about it all, but I do feel I have a duty to myself to just normalise the idea of being gender neutral, genderqueer, or trans. I totally respect the influencers who dedicate their entire accounts to discussing the issue. But for me personally I am hoping by just 'being' that I can normalise the idea of it just being another part of a person's identity."[6]

"People are always trying to find out your birth sex so that they can minimise you down to that and it’s really damaging. Even if you do know the birth sex of someone, that doesn’t mean that they are not non-binary and it doesn’t give you the right to expose them in that sense."[2]

"I'm not an activist, and I get so annoyed when people call LGBT people activists when all they do is talk about themselves. I know that sounds harsh, but if your activism is only rooted in talking about yourself, then it's not activism."[2]

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