Sarah Gailey

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    Sarah Gailey
    Sarah Gailey.jpg
    Place of birth California
    Nationality American
    Pronouns they/them[1]
    Gender identity nonbinary[2]
    Occupation writer

    Sarah Gailey is an American author. Their alternate history novella River of Teeth was a finalist for the 2017 Nebula Award for Best Novella,[3] the 2018 Hugo Award for Best Novella,[4] and the 2018 Locus Award for Best Novella.[5] In 2018, they also won the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer.[4]

    Quotes[edit | edit source]

    "As a queer person, I want to build books that have worlds where queerness is allowed and it's part of people's communities. I don't want to keep on having those conversations of, like, 'Why do you use they/them pronouns? What does that mean?' I just want to read a world where they/them pronouns exist and it's fine."[6]

    "This might be corny of me, but I tend to think of gender and sexuality as a journey, not a destination. The ways in which queer people define and express ourselves change based on what language we have available, what we believe to be possible, and how safe we feel. I want to make space in my writing and in my life for fluidity and change; claiming an identity should feel freeing, not constrictive. By writing about that fluidity and discovery and uncertainty, I hope to show readers that there's a place for them in the world, even if they're not sure yet who they are or how much they're ready to talk about it."[7]

    Published books[edit | edit source]

    • The Fisher of Bones
    • River of Teeth
    • Taste of Marrow
    • Magic for Liars
    • Upright Women Wanted
    • When We Were Magic

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