Siufung Law

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Siufung Law
Nationality Hong Kong
Pronouns any[1]
Gender identity genderfluid[2]/genderqueer[3]
Occupation bodybuilder and activist

Siufung Law is a Hong Kong bodybuilder and activist. Before coming to label themself genderfluid, Law previously identified as lesbian[4], then as a trans man.[5]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"My body is a blend of everything and I'm here to show people a possibility, an alternative beyond a binary understanding of what a man's or woman's body should look like."[5]

"We live in the postmodern era, there are so many possibilities for people to interpret their gender. I think we are moving towards a world where gender fluidity and neutrality become the trend. Muscularity is just my interpretation of it and I don't want to create a 'mainstream' genderqueer narrative."[5]

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