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This is not accurate and not respectable[edit source]

First and foremost I am a native Chinese person. This article is BS. 阴阳人 in Chinese is a derogatory term used against intersex people. I don't know about 红楼梦, or 贾宝玉 himself, but I feel like the author's intent for the character is probably more in the lines of "gender-non-conforming man". Of course, you can interpret the novel in your way, but the word is still very much derogatory and not an identity at all! In fact, the novel 红楼梦 is very rich culturally, so rich that an entire field of study is based on the novel, nothing is really concretely understood so please don't use anything in this novel as examples. I am not sure of the state of the intersex community in China, but most queer Chinese people use 间性人 as a more respectable term for intersex people.


Thank you for your feedback. We need people who know the languages and topics that are talked about here, so if you think you can improve this article, please do! Or if you know of any sources that can help us improve this, we'd love to have them.

- Kit

@NoelOnaTree: hi! As Kit said, feel free to edit the article adding correct information. Don't be afraid of making mistakes; I'll check the page for errors after you publish it! :) --Ondo (talk) 10:00, 30 March 2019 (UTC)

Thanks for the fast response! However, to be honest I feel like its best to delete the article altogether. I see through the website that the Chinese Intersex community seems to have reclaimed the word 阴阳人, even if it's still used as a slur here in mainland China. Sorry if I said things too harsh!


@NoelOnaTree: sure, no problem. Could you take care of that? Since I don't know Chinese, I can't really know what exactly is the inaccurate information. To remove the contents just go to the article -> Edit tab -> delete the incorrect content -> Publish changes. Thanks! --Ondo (talk) 15:21, 30 March 2019 (UTC)