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  • Name of identity: Kothi or koti
  • Culture: India/South Asia
  • Era: mid-1990s to present[1]
  • Description of sex/gender: AMAB and feminine.[2] Some kothis take feminizing hormone therapy or undergo feminizing surgery.[1] One kothi in a research interview said "I am a woman. Only God has given me a body of a man."[3]
  • Role in society: "Kothis are generally of lower socioeconomic status and some kothis engage in sex work for survival."[2] Kothis are attracted to men, and term the men they have sex with "panthi". In the general public, the words "kothi" and "panthi" mean similarly to the American English "sissy" and "butch"; "panthi" can also refer to men in general.[1]
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