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  • The Washington Post style guide was updated to allow use of singular they, with Post copy editor Bill Walsh saying:
« What finally pushed me from acceptance to action on gender-neutral pronouns was the increasing visibility of gender-neutral people. The Post has run at least one profile of a person who identifies as neither male nor female and specifically requests they and the like instead of he or she. Trans and genderqueer awareness will raise difficult questions down the road, with some people requesting newly invented or even individually made-up pronouns. [...] But simply allowing they for a gender-nonconforming person is a no-brainer. And once we've done that, why not allow it for the most awkward of those he or she situations that have troubled us for so many years?[1] »
  1. Walsh, Bill (December 4, 2015). "The Post drops the 'mike' — and the hyphen in 'e-mail'". Archived from the original on January 17, 2020.